Affordable Housing

The cost of living is constantly rising. I will push for state incentives that will stop the increase in rent. This incentive, which will be supplemental to federal ones, will issue credits to developers for the acquisition, rehabilitation, or construction of rental housing targeted to lower-income households.

I will work diligently to ban housing discrimination on the basis of source of income, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and advocate to increase enforcement of existing fair housing laws. I will also push for affordable legal counsel for constituents who have faced housing discrimination.


  • Ban housing discrimination.

  • Push for incentives for affordable housing.

  • Push for affordable legal counsel for victims of housing discrimination.

Small Business Funding

According to a study by the Small Business Administration, small business are 30 percent more likely to fail within the second year. Small businesses are in dire need for economic support and relief, even more during these times. I will continue supporting simple, user-friendly websites that will keep business owners updated on resources, tools, and information for their businesses. The site will be updated daily with relevant news from City Hall and state and federal agencies. I will also work with the community and other civil servants by creating funds through a combination of city resources and state Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to help businesses that were negatively impacted by the pandemic.


  • Constantly update City Hall’s website with resources and information for small business economic relief.

  • Use city resources to help provide economic relief for business owners.

  • Push for support for local businesses which will increase local employment.

Healthy Food Choices

To promote healthy living and healthy choices, I have plans to find solutions to the food mirages and food insecurities within our district. Some people live close to grocery stores offering a variety of healthful foods but cannot afford those foods. Some areas of the district are limited to food due to financial constraints. I will push for more options for District 4.

  • Encouraging healthful dietary habits by providing education and training on food production, preparation, and nutrition.

  • Increase access to local farmer’s markets, affordable food markets and stores.

  • Encouraging residents to participate in food system planning.

Affordable Healthcare

The cost of medical care services in U.S. cities increased an average of 5.3% over the past 12 months ending in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ consumer price index. With the loss of jobs, many in our district cannot afford healthcare and this is the time, more than ever, to have healthcare coverage. I will work will legislators to protect healthcare and make it affordable for all.

  • I will support the restoration of full dental benefits for Mass Health recipients.

  • I will develop a plan for single payer health insurance system in Massachusetts that guarantees access, is publicly administered, and lowers the cost of health care.

  • Improve Medicare for all and to provide quality, guaranteed, national health insurance.

  • Support mental health reform bill.

Employment Training

The community is as strong as its citizens. To strengthen and advance the community, I want to bring employment training opportunities to District 4. I will partner with companies, community colleges and nonprofits to host workshops in various areas.

  • Collaborate with local organizations to offer workshops.

  • Work with the state to bring additional resources to the district.

  • Working with trade unions to bring recruitment into the District 4 with emphasis on careers for women and men.

Criminal Justice Reform

The crisis of over criminalization and an excessive reliance on punitive enforcement feed the problem of mass incarceration. The vast racial disparities of America’s justice system compound the unnecessary harms of incarceration. I will work to fight against racial injustices.

  • Implement implicit bias training for all law-enforcement officers.

  • End pretrial detention for non-violent defendants.

  • Use alternatives to arrest and incarceration for low-level offenses.

  • Push for shorten excessive prison sentences.

Recharging District 4